Wednesday, November 22, 2006

I am thankful:

For my children, family, friends, health and independence.

That I lead a life I can be proud of even though I constantly make mistakes along the way.

My heart attempts to guide me and every now and then, I let it.

I laugh…at myself or others depending on my mood.

For crème brulee and all things delicious and highly caloric.

That I can and do love to dance with abandon.

For coffee and all things with caffeine.

For Blogger and that it allows me to write whatever is rolling around in my head.

That I’ve met some amazing folks this last year and my life is better for it.

For sex…whether it be wild, passionate, hard, soft and everything in between. This should be higher on the list, but it was my goal to not have sex be a major player in this post...

I want to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving. I hope you are spending it with your family and friends and if not, you’re headed to a warm beach somewhere to get away from it all.


Friday, November 17, 2006


I look down into your eyes. They are filled with heat and passion. My movements are slow and rhythmic. Lost in how amazing you feel underneath me. It pales in comparison to everything I had imagined. I pull my eyes away from yours for a moment to catch my breath but you don’t allow it. You force me to move, to take what I need, however much or little that may be. A slap of your hand reminds me who has the power even though I may be on top looking down. The pain adds to my pleasure causing me to shudder and move at a much faster pace. I feel it begin. You are so in tune you speak the words I need to hear to push me over the edge. Your movements are strong, sure, powerful. I fall into an abyss of sensation. I look down into your eyes. I see satisfaction and compassion. I am full. Come with me, baby.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

A Moment

I step out of the tall gray building with anticipation. The day is brilliant. The leaves have turned a beautiful shade of red, yellow and gold. They spin around my ankles as I rush to my car. I pause and look over my shoulder to see if I recognize anyone. This secret I refuse to share with anyone but you.

Sitting in my car I stare out of the front window. My skirt has been pushed up to my thighs and I slowly pull it up to my hips. Glancing down I see my thigh high stockings and smile. I close my eyes and think of how much you would like to watch. How much you would like to be here at this very moment. I touch myself. My imagination is working feverishly. Anyone might walk by. I hear your voice whispering in my ear influencing my every move. My fingers are now your fingers. Only moments pass and I sigh my release.

As the wind and leaves chase my heels a smile graces my lips and I step back into the tall gray building.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006


I recently had a birthday. Now that I no longer live with my ex my children really don’t have anyone except yours truly to prompt them that my birthday was coming. Now, being the birthday slut that I am I made sure that my children were well aware that mommy’s birthday was tomorrow. Now in my defense, I am helping them learn the importance of remembering your friends and families birthdays and important dates…did you buy that?

So, come four o’clock in the morning on the eve of my birthday my four year old son comes walking in my room with the innocence only a child can muster exclaiming that he had to go potty NOW. Due to recent experience, I know better than to waste even a moment and we run, not walk, to the bathroom. As my son takes care of business I stand behind him bleary eyed leaning up against the wall waiting for him to finish. During this he looks up at me in the mirrors’ reflection blinking and yawning, looks me directly in the eye and says “Hattee Birtday Mommy.” Tears well up in my eyes and I reach down hug him and say thank you sweetie you just made mommy’s day. I love you very much. This of course pleased him to no end and I was peppered with Hattee Birtdays for the next 24 hours.

I’m not sure if it was the fact he remembered or how and when he said it but it was absolutely precious. I’ll remember it forever. I was not looking forward to this birthday to be honest. I guess it’s facing the fact I’m getting older, I’m single and starting over...the list goes on, but I realized that regardless of past or future challenges I am incredibly fortunate and truly blessed.