Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Part 2

It’s been a while and I’m hesitant. I look into your eyes and scan your face trying to remember what I first thought when I met you. Was it your voice that caught me or your outlook on life that attracted me? I was surprised to hear from you and not surprised at all. I wanted to ignore you and continue assuming that you are happy in the choice you made, but so often the choices we make are only comfortable for a moment and life and reality make us second guess.

You pull my hand towards you and I let you take the lead. I lay over you and press my lips you yours. The familiar feelings come rushing back with each kiss, each touch as I let you move to my breast. I hold back. I can’t give you all of me.

I move down your chest my lips tasting and kissing. I remember how you felt the first time. The words you said as we moved together. I push it down this is not about before it’s about now and it’s different this time. I begin to remember you knew how to stroke me in just the right spot. You ask if I missed you and you already know the answer. I don’t want to admit anything that leaves me vulnerable. Self-preservation should not allow it, but when you touch me I can not hide that I missed you deeply.

I do not ask if I will see you again. I really do not want to know, but if you call, I will be here.


WDKY said...

I think I love you.

Annalis said...

Awwww...right back at ya, wdky! :)

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Kelly said...

2010. 08. 23.